Skiing in Bansko Bulgaria

A room and a price for everyone among Bansko hotels

“We’ve heard about that great place in Bulgaria called Bansko, let’s go there to celebrate the New Year’s Eve!” Hold on! If such an idea occurs to you in the beginning of December, forget about it – there’s no way to find a vacant room to stay already! It’s all reserved and packed up in Bansko hotels which is not only due to the growing popularity of the Pirin mountain resort among foreign visitors. That small town has been a favoured choice for local people too in the search of a place to stay and have fun during the Holidays.

So now it’s practically impossible to book a condo for 8th of December (Student’s Day in Bulgaria), Christmas or New Year’s Eve, but the winter has just come and in the following months you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find a space for accommodation that suits you at a convenient time of the snowy season. Checking for options among Bansko hotels will give the perspective that the price range is remarkably wide and the town has a room for everybody – for those with a limited budget on one hand and for the wealthier guests looking for the luxurious environment and services.

Bansko Ski Resort Bulgaria
Bansko was rated as the best ski resort in Bulgaria for 2017.

Saving the money from the accommodation part is possible and the stay for a night could cost less than 40 BGN (20 Euro) per person but have in mind that it’s not really hotels what you would find at the bottom end of expenditure spectrum. There’s nothing wrong to sleep at a guest house or at a rental room if you wish to spend the less possible for that purpose. On the other end of Bansko hotels options is Kempinski Grand Arena. A 5-star experience only a few steps away from the base station of the lift is a dream for lots of tourists but there are not many of them could afford to pay 530 Euro for a night at the Alpine suite. And though the average price of the top hotel in the town is in the range of 160 Euro, the place is busy and it’s hard to find a vacant room for any date during the winter before March 2018.

The list of 5-star choices includes also Lucky Bansko, Hotel Premier Luxury Mountain Resort, and Amira to name some of the well-known high-end inns. There are still some great offers for the Amira hotel – in the middle of the winter season in January, for example, a couple can get a studio for less than 1000 GBP for a week if booking from Balkan Holidays.

Plenty of attractive opportunities are available among 4 stars Bansko hotels – the most popular of the category is Strazhite, located just 300 meters from the Gondola lift and expectedly already booked for the biggest part of the winter. The inns of the same level of service are Perun Lodge, Hotel Zara, Hotel Bansko, Hotel Pirin and at least a dozen more of the second best category. The price range between 330 and 400 GBP per person for a week. Most of the 3-star options in the town such as Mura, Winslow Highland, Belmont, Grand Montana Apartments deliver a good quality too for affordable value. A studio for two adults for a 7-day vacation will cost below 600 GBP.

There is a room for everybody among Bansko hotels but have in mind that the popularity of the Pirin mountain resort grows continuously and it becomes harder to book if you try closer to the chosen dates.

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