Inspiration exists but it has to find you…on holiday!

No matter how hard you work and how badly you want to achieve something, you need to rest for a while every now and then. Exhaustion would not help at all if you search for an inspiration and new ideas how to make things work better. Actually, you need to get away from your area of occupation for a week, to go on summer holidays, to clear your head. And then suddenly you will find out that with a little rest a fresh wave of inspiration and enthusiasm will come to you to power your motivation for success.


A change of the environment is recommended


Living in the western world, you might need to move away a bit or more to rebuild the puzzle in your brain. Embarking on a trip to the Balkan Peninsula might work out surprisingly well for you. It’s still in Europe and the most things from the West are there to be found. On the other hand, going on summer holidays to Bulgaria will bring one substantially different flavor to your vacation to make it stand out from the everyday life. This region considered for ages to be the bridge between Europe and Asia borrows something from both worlds to blend in a unique mix of cultures and colors. The countries on the Balkans worth to be visited – here is a good list of which destination are great to be considered , distinct one from other. So if you look to recharge your inspiration through summer holidays 2018, listen to your guts and instinct what land might be closer to your heart.


The Western Balkans promise great moments


You might have heard about the dazzling beauty of the Adriatic coastline. Feeling tempted to touch it in real means that going on holidays to Croatia might work for you better than you will ever expect. Dubrovnik is that wonderful town everyone wants to visit to see the castles and the real venues where the fictional King’s Landing of the Game of Thrones saga takes place. Surely, this area will be busy for the summer holidays.


But the Adriatic Sea provides literally thousands of kilometers of shores so everyone can choose a resort that is not crowded. And Croatia isn’t the only option in the Western Balkans – embarking on holidays to Montenegro might be a less popular option but also one that can inspire your mind unexpectedly. Even Slovenia holidays term isn’t restricted to the mountain activities only – the Alpine country hosts some of the Adriatic resorts too, even of the total coastline is below 50 km.


Going on summer holidays to Bulgaria is a different story


The Black Sea might no have the flavor of Dubrovnik or the “mountain meets the sea” image like the Montenegrin town Budva but it attracts tourists with its long sands strips. And the vacation there will turn out to be a lot cheaper in terms of both accommodation and daily expenses. The unique experience is there too waiting for you and your inspiration.

Bulgaria – best holiday destination in Europe

Have you ever heard a conversation of that kind? “I really love to go there during the winter”, says Sam. “Oh, dear, it’s even better to spend your summer vacation in Bulgaria”, Judy answers back. Sam and Judy are fictional for the sake of the plot, but the cheap holidays to Bulgaria are real and there are hundreds of thousand people to confirm that and repeat the words of our made-up characters.


Any time of year is good for a travel to Bulgaria for a different reason. The mountains are gorgeous and the snow resorts provide with a service of top rank for the money paid, but while the ski season has just gone, it’s never too early to draw plans about the future seaside experience. Every month of the year charms the traveler in Bulgaria for a variety of reason and here’s where the greatest number of the greatest bargains is to be found.


Time to choose the beach

bulgarian summer holidays 2018 are the best

The fame of Bulgaria as the best value for price holiday destination in Europe owes much more and much longer to the Black Sea resorts compared to the mountain skiing complexes. The relatively short coastline (less than 400 km in total) comes up with more than a dozen places deserved to be reserved for the hottest months.


Scrolling through the deals you might find out that in the list of Balkan Holidays Sunny Beach happens to be the venue of the highest degree. No surprise at all, since the vacation village in the center of Bulgarian shoreline has turned to be a magnet for the tourists in the last two decades. 8 km long dazzling sandy beach, plenty of fun around the clock and easy to access from the Bourgas airport it’s not too hard to find an explanation why an increasing number of Brits choose Slanchev Bryag year after year.


Being named the best value for price destination by the Post Office survey, Sunny Beach is not the only option considering cheap holidays to Bulgaria. Several names deserve not just to be mentioned but to be remembered and visited – Nessebar is literally less than 10 minutes away adoring with its the scent of the ancient times. Sozopol and Pomorie are among the favorite reason regarding travel to Bulgaria in the area of Bourgas and in the north near Varna the most famous resorts offering package holidays are Golden Sands and Albena.


Bulgarian mountain magic

Bulgaria mountains are incredible

While snow sports activity represents the leading incentive to visit Rila, Pirin or Rhodopi during the winter, considering a week-long vacation in the Bulgarian mountain in the summer comes with a promise of a great time spend among the peaceful and gorgeous hills. If the boiling heat is not your idea of relaxation, the shadows of pine trees around Borovets or Pamporovo will bring you closer to what you are looking for. Bansko is no-less greater in July than in February – it is even cheaper then and with plenty of places around deserving to be noticed and visited, with the challenges for mountain hikers in Pirin mountain it can be called all-year resort for a reason.


No matter what season is chosen for travel to Bulgaria, a lot is on display in the sense history, culture, and architecture. Sofia is the capital and thus provides with the most operated airport in the country so it’s easily accessible. But it’s not that easy to cover all the sightseeing spots in the city and around it. Choosing Pamporovo, on the other hand, opens the window for an excursion to Plovdiv bringing the spirit of life for more than 8000 years. Booking Balkan Holidays Sunny Beach deal means most probably you are about to land at Bourgas airport and a walk around the city represents another option to spend pleasantly part of your time. The same applies even stronger regarding Varna in the northern part of the coastline. So don’t hesitate to choose cheap holidays to Bulgaria and you will not only save on the budget but receive more than you can expect.