Pamporovo holidays

Sun and snow come together for a perfect Pamporovo holidays




The weather has been a bitter challenge for Pamporovo ski resort recently. Just before the 2017-2018 winter campaign was about to kick off, the Rhodopi mountain site has been hit by a record flood and wasted most of the studious preparations for the season opener. Hurricane winds shut the whole area for skiing and snowboarding several weeks later. And while nature is invincible, in Bulgaria Pamporovo tackles successfully practically every other hurdle to deliver improved service for the guests winter after winter.

Double fun experience at Pamporovo-Mechi Chal area


What was achieved in the recent years and is planned to grow greater and better is the unprecedented so far in the country merging of two neighboring ski centers. Being already established top choice in Bulgaria, Pamporovo has been joined by the small Mechi Chal resort located above the nearby town Chepelare. The combined length of the slopes sums up to less than 50 km now but the project predict with the construction of new runs to make it to 80 km and thus become the greatest winter sports complex on the map of the Balkans. At the moment the link between these two sites is made by shuttle but in the foreseeable future, a new modern lift is about to be designed to perform the connection.


What is, even more, attracting to choose Pamporovo ski holidays is the “Pay one, get two” opportunity coming with the lift cards. The Rhodopi mountain resort is considered among the most affordable yet qualitative options for a family winter vacation with 6-days ski packs costing 155 GBP for adults and 103 GBP for a child. Find out more about the Pamporovo ski area and prices here.


Always look on the bright side of slopes


The weather is a challenge indeed but isn’t it nice to enjoy the sunshine together with the ride on the hills? The latter combo represents one of the biggest advantages to stop on ski holidays Pamporovo provides. With more than 100 sunny days during the winter, the Rhodopi mountain resort enchants its guests once they happen to arrive and make them think of coming back again and again. But the shiny weather doesn’t necessarily mean that snow melts fast – set in altitude between 1500 and 2000 m, most of the cold season Pamporovo ski the temperatures rarely rise above zero Celsius. And with more than 200 canons installed on the hills the cover on the pistes is guaranteed even if the snow forgets to fall from the sky.


While the nightlife is present with several great options on the map of the resort, the site occurs to be generally peaceful and quiet. The atmosphere fits perfectly with the idea of having a wonderful family vacation. Among the choices for ski holidays Pamporovo attract with the calm and beautiful surroundings and even when the hotels happen to be all booked, the area isn’t crowded. With plenty of options for accommodation from budget-oriented (like 3-star inns Prespa and Markony) to the luxury suites in 5-star Hotel Orlovetz and Villa Arfa, there is place and price for everyone for a great Pamporovo holidays.


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