Nessebar – a surprisingly great European Honeymoon Destination

The wedding preparations require a lot of planning and usually, the celebration does not end with the ceremony. The marriage begins with a honeymoon for the most of the couples and famous places like Paris, Venice, or Budapest make the list of the European destinations “Just married” love to enjoy the first weeks of the new family life. Many love to spend a fortnight or even more on some of the numerous Greek islands like Santorini, Crete, or Corfu, to name a few. Towns with a rich history like Dubrovnik are highly preferable and for this reason, Nessebar holidays should also be considered as a great honeymoon destination.

Don’t be cheap on your wedding

But it doesn’t mean that you have to spend recklessly and that you have to pay a loan for 5 years only to get married. All internationally famed cities and resort will cost a fortune to stay even for a week while the Nessebar, Bulgaria holidays will not weigh too much on your budget. For example, one of the best Nessebar hotels – Sol Nessebar Palace, costs just a little more than 1000 GBP for the couple for a whole week. You will hardly find any 5-star accommodation on the seaside for such a price! And there are other options among the Nessebar hotels worth to be considered – check the availability here ( ). The low prices of the apartments do not compromise the quality of the service – the newlywed couple will feel like royal celebrities during the time of Nessebar holidays.

Explore a town with a history dating back 3 millennia

Some would prefer to relax all day and make love in a nice and quiet environment. That’s just perfect for the honeymoon. Others would love to cruise on a ship – this option is also available if you choose to go on wedding holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria. Visiting famous historical sites might be the agenda for numerous “Just married” and that’s why Rome or Dubrovnik are booked by thousands of couple for a dream start of their family life. In that case, Nessebar holidays also make the list – the Old Town is internationally recognized and makes the list of UNESCO World Heritage. This quarter of the seaside town is small and can be explored for a day or two if you wish to check every object. And there is a lot to be seen there.


The beach of love, the beach to love

The Black Sea might not be as warm as the Aegean Sea but it has some great beaches. And the newlywed couples can enjoy one of the finest sandy strips in the region of the choice fall on Nessebar holidays. It might be the beach to make the love even stronger and the beach to love for life. Most of the Nessebar holidays are situated near the sea so you don’t have to drive to reach the sunbed – it’s on a walking distance. It might not be equal to the glamorous fame of Barcelona or Nice but Nessebar holidays will make you remember the honeymoon forever.

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