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Borovets ski resort review 2018 /2019 – skiing, nightlife, and weather

Getting closer to the start of the 2018-19 snow sports season in Europe, Borovets ski resort once again occurs to be one of the best-valued options not only on the Balkans but in Europe as a whole. Bulgaria happens to be increasingly praised for that matter over the course of the past decade. The oldest recreational village on the national level has its substantial share in the competition to attract more people during the winter and after that – to make them return the next year.


Some of the greatest budget deals are to be found there

ski and snowboard borovetsThe country is famous to offer the cheapest accommodation around, and Borovets ski resort isn’t the only option around. Even if Bansko and Pamporovo are estimated to be even more affordable, the Rila mountain village stands out with options like staying for one week and paying a little more than 250 GBP per person. No, this is not a joke – you can ski Borovets slopes and pay for the room that little on a half-board type of accommodation. Of course, a deal like this is available if you book it in advance and if you travel to the place accompanied by at least two more adults (who will pay the same amount of money for their stay at the hotel).

Borovets ski holidays beat the competition on the national level speaking of the location. The oldest winter sports zone in the country is within reach for not more than 1 ½ hour from Sofia airport which is the most likely you will land at if you travel to Bulgaria during the coldest season. Bansko and Pamporovo are situated much further away from the state’s capital, so if you prefer to minimize the time for the transfer going for the Balkan ski vacation, it is Borovets that looks most appropriate choice.


A first-timer in skiing? You’re welcome!

skiing in borovetsBorovets ski resort provides a broad spectrum of opportunities to the guests regarding the difficulty of the tracks. If you are about to make your first attempts with the skis on, the most traditional Bulgarian winter zone is suitable for that purpose. Your first lesson will probably happen in the yard of some of the most prominent hotels which are accommodated to welcome the rookies. The experienced racers won’t feel bored too – there are several pistes of the Red type and even the Black type.

The lift pass will not cost more than 200 GBP for 6 days for an adult, regardless of being a newbie or a pro-skier. And what makes it one of the best Balkan ski offers is the fact that within that price is included not only the lift but also the hire of the equipment and the lesson (in the case you need the tuition). The cabins and the drag lifts have been recently renovated to provide an increased level of comfort for the visitors.


The season last a quarter of the year

The ski zone is spread right beneath the top of Rila mountain – Musala. Standing 2925 m above the sea level, this is the highest peak on the Balkan peninsula. So the snow holds long on the slopes of Borovets ski resort – from late November till the first days of April on a regular winter. There are more than 150 snow cannons to produce “powder” if the natural snowfall turns to be insufficient to cover all the tracks. The main resort is set at the altitude of 1300 m and the average temperature in January is lower than -4 C.

The cold outside is in contrast with the heat of the night. Borovets ski holidays are famous for the great combo of the thrill of the day on the slopes and the hype after the sunset in the bars and pubs. Those who love to hang out till dawn will enjoy the places working until 4 in the morning. And the prices are significantly lower compared to the hangouts around the corner in your hometown. The apres-ski Borovets offers to the guests of the resort is exciting regarding the nightlife. It is intriguing besides the bars – tasting the local cuisine and getting to know the regional traditions is also an interesting thing to do during the time of your Balkan ski vacation.

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